Name: Andrea Yu
Piece: Free-motion Embroidery

Why do you create?
I create because it brings me joy, and believe that what you do out of joy will spread joy to others. To channel that with the Father is something indescribable.

Why did you decide to make something for Freedom on Display?
Creativity is part of who I am. It’s embedded into my heart, and it’s one of my gifts. I wanted to jump on the opportunity to be free and create something with my hands because I hadn’t done anything personally creative in a very long time. My current job withholds my creative capacity with many boundaries and limitations. With that being said, Freedom on Display was the perfect opportunity to challenge myself- stepping back into creating something freely from my heart.

What was the inspiration for your piece?
I’ve always struggled with striving for perfection, specifically in my creativity. As I was praying over what to do for this project, the Holy Spirit spoke and reminded me that I may not be or do things perfectly, but I am free in His presence. God clearly wanted to show me how to break free from all the striving through the process of this project. So I said, “Okay God, I want to create something with you, without fear and worry of what anyone else is going to think. I want you to guide my hand and breathe on this piece, so I can form something beautiful in freedom and not in perfection.” I wanted to create something with the Holy Spirit to represent freedom in what I was creating as an act of worship.

The Process:

Setting the atmosphere of my workspace was key to creating my piece. I anointed my space with essential oils, played worship music, and let the Holy Spirit to navigate me through the process without thinking about anything except for how cool it was to freely be creating with my Creator.

Free-motion embroidery was one of my favorite techniques when I learned basic sewing, so I chose to challenge myself with picking it up again. I also just love what you can do with fabric- the texture you can make, and all the substrates there are to choose from. I chose linen. It is natural, and I love the texture it holds. The texture in the fabric allowed me to not be afraid of messing up, and added to the textural effect I wanted to keep in the piece. I also love the fact that linen was one of the most common fabrics used during the biblical times and is mentioned several times in the Bible as “fine linen” to depict the wardrobes of many priests and even the Lord and his angels!

What does freedom mean to you personally?
Freedom for me is to follow and be led by Jesus without fear. I don’t know what I would do without Him navigating the way in my life, and the only way I am free, feel free, and can be free is by constantly being tethered to Him and the Holy Spirit.