Last year I invited my mom, Dennise to She Is Free with the hopes that we would have the rare chance for some one-on-one time and deeper connection as mother and daughter. Since moving to New York, opportunities like this are few and far between. I knew that God had something special planned for us. Mom had just come out of a tough season with my grandmother’s passing. God’s timing for connection, rest and healing was perfect. I was also going through a painful transition season with my own family and was feeling quite broken. We knew in our hearts that we both needed a refreshing of our spirits, our souls, and our bodies and that there was a new level of freedom awaiting us.

At She Is Free, we both experienced a true freedom from the bondage of anxiety, pain, and performance. I felt so overwhelmed by how much my loving Father poured out His heart into both of us that weekend. We laughed, we cried, we prayed, and truly went to a new level of understanding as mother and daughter and also as individual women. During worship I remember standing beside my mom and I heard the sweet but strong voice of God say “You will conceive a daughter this year and her name will be Avalon Reign.” I had never thought of that name and having another baby was not on my radar at this point. A little stunned, I quickly looked up the name. I was moved to tears to find out that Avalon means “apple of God’s eye” and Reign means “to hold royal office”. I realized at that very moment that the entire weekend was all about me realizing how important freedom is generationally.

A few months later, God’s promise was fulfilled and I became pregnant with a daughter! I am still blown away by what Avalon means. It is not a name that I had ever planned but is truly a beautiful gift from heaven and a sweet prophecy over my daughter. Being the apple of God’s eye means you know He has prized you and He sees you fully and wholly for who you are; our identity is set in Him and  Him alone. I know Avalon was born to carry the banner of identity in Christ for her generation. This whisper from God at She Is Free was louder to me than a million trumpets and shows that we are all called to carry the banner of freedom not only for our generation, but for the generations to come.