What do you get when you combine Oprah, Wonder Woman and the love of Jesus Christ? The perfect Thursday night in New York City. 

She is Free opened strong as hundreds of women gathered in Times Square to be set free, and to experience power, love and a sound mind. After snapping photos in the photo booth and stocking up on merch (don't worry, it'll all still be there Friday!), everyone gathered to hear from pastor Andi Andrew - but not without some fun surprises first. 

After some worship, dance and powerful testimonies, Andi took to the stage and announced that everyone in the audience would receive a free copy of her newly published book, aptly titled She is Free. And after a quick and very appropriate Oprah impression ("You get a book, and YOU get a book, EVERYBODY GETS A BOOK!") she quickly got down to business. 

Andi spoke on Ephesians 6:11-19, the armor of God, and how not to quit when things seem just too hard, in our personal lives and in the world at large. The highlights: Put on truth as a belt. Put on holiness to protect your heart. Stand on your feet alert. Take faith as your wraparound shield. Embrace salvation's full deliverance. And intercede with every form of prayer, at all times. 

The message wrapped up with a clip from Wonder Woman, encouraging all of us to get up and run toward the enemy's camp. 

Ladies, this is just the beginning. We have two more full days together to run toward freedom. And there is room for you at the table.