Am I enough? That has been the question I asked myself over and over.  My whole life I never really felt like I really "fit in." As a result I had a lot of insecurities that Lead to a very low self esteem. When I moved to NYC after college the lies I believed about myself became magnified.  As a women in the fitness industry there are a lot of expectations on how you should look, think and act.  Naturally I fit none of those and I allowed myself  to believe the lie that I was not good enough to help people achieve their fitness goals because I didn't look or act the part. 

Despite my insecurities, I actually decently successful as a trainer. However, when you try do do things in your own strength without partnering with God, it's not sustainable. This came to a head about two years ago around the time of She is Free.  I was coming out of a really hard season and was not happy with the position I was in physically, mentally, or emotionally.  What I have come to realize is God totally used that season to remind me that I was enough no matter what because I am His daughter. In order to truly understand and believe this I had to change the thoughts I had played over and over in my mind.  One of the books that has really helped me was  "Switch on Your Brain" by Dr. Caroline Leaf.  As someone who has studied exercise science and the psychology of behavior change it was amazing how she used science to back up scripture.  This made me look at scripture in a whole new way and a fresh revelation of who God is. The five step process she has developed gave me a practical and tangible way to change the lies I believed about myself.   I have even taken her process and adapted it to help coach my trainers and clients and the results speak for themselves.  So I am pretty pumped she is coming to She is Free this year.  Being free to love myself through every stage has allowed me to take steps toward freedom in other areas of my life while also being able to help others.  It's pretty awesome.